It’s your first visit to our office and you just can’t wait to know when you’re ready to get braces put on. When sitting with our Orthodontist for your consultation, you may hear the word “malocclusion” and think “English please?” but this word literally means “bad bite.” With a bad bite, there is a problem in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together. Pressure from a bad bite can cause a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which may cause clicking and popping in the jaw, a tired feeling in the face, head and neck aches, dizziness, and even nausea. Many times this skeletal disharmony is inherited, especially when it comes to abnormal jaw growth that can cause an under bite, cross bite, or deep bite. There are also many bad habits that can cause malocclusion. For instance, thumb or finger-sucking, pacifier use beyond age 3, and prolonged use of a bottle are a few things that cause an open bite in a patient. Some other causes of malocclusion include too much or too little room in the jaw, extra/growing/impacted/abnormally shaped teeth. To correct these issues, a patient may require dental extractions and growth modification which will require a patient to use fixed or functional appliances during the day and night to move the jaw into a better position. Not only will orthodontic treatment leave you looking your best, straight teeth can improve how you bite, chew, and speak. Don’t continue suffering from the pain of your malocclusion! The Orthodontists in our White Plains and Yonkers office can devise the perfect treatment plan to fix that bad bite of yours!


Thumb Sucking

We all have bad habits! 

Some are difficult to break, and some are just too cute!


Sucking the thumb, though it is cute when your baby has picked up on it, after the ages of 6 and 8, when adult teeth begin to show themselves, it may cause a series of dental issues that will be unpleasant to the child.  Thumb sucking, for an infant, is a reflex and can be seen as early as 15 weeks after conception.  It is an act that warmth and comfort for the baby.

Many dentists recommend breaking the habit as early as possible.  If not, some infants may carry it on into their toddler stages and possibly into adulthood.  Typically no harm is done to the oral cavity or dentition until adult teeth erupt. However, when the habit is perpetuated it will cause the palate of the mouth to rise. thumb_sucking This is caused by the constant pressure and sucking motion on the teeth.  The incisors begin to protrude forward creating a full open bite.  The then “correct” bit for the person will be one where the front teeth are not in contact, while the teeth in the back are not.

The bite will remain open until orthodontics procedures take place.  Here at iSmile Orthodontics, our doctors specialize in fixing open bites and “buckteeth” (malocclusion) by using braces to correct the bite.  Unfortunately, the teeth will not be perfect UNLESS the thumb sucking habit is corrected. real habit breaker Even swallowing incorrectly by pushing the tongue forcefully against the teeth when swallowing can cause the teeth to protrude.  Our doctors have special techniques, habit breakers and/or tongue spurs that are used to help stop the thumb from entering into the mouth and the tongue from pushing forward.

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