Back To School With iSmile Orthodontics!


While many kids are sad to see the summer end, we know many of the parents at our office are excited for the new school year to start! At iSmile Orthodontics, your local White Plains and Yonkers orthodontic practice, we understand the importance of a child’s smile. This is why the doctors and staff at our practice have decided to dedicate a blog post just for back to school oral hygiene tips and tricks!

Getting Your Kids to Brush and Floss Regularly

Parents understand the enduring struggle that can occur each time you try to get your Imagechild to brush and floss his or her teeth. At iSmile Orthodontics, we have found that one of the best ways to promote good oral hygiene is to have your child come with you to the grocery store and pick out his or her very own toothbrush! When a child is proud of his or her own toothbrush that they handpicked themselves, they are more likely to brush when they are asked to.

Try to get your child to brush before he or she goes to school, when they return home from school in the late afternoon, as well as once more before bedtime. It can be difficult to have your child brush after every meal, but by brushing their teeth 2-3 times daily, you are helping them eliminate plaque and food particles that can be built up between meals.

Flossing can be a whole challenge on its own… especially for kids. Having your child floss at least once a day is a great way to promote gum health and remove any plaque and germs that are resting in the tight spaces between their teeth and underneath their braces. Also, try having your child rinse with water or anti-bacterial mouthwash as soon as they are done. By doing so, you are helping your child prevent gum disease and common problems later on as adults.

Make a Fun, Healthy Snack!

At iSmile Orthodontics, we want your child to enjoy healthy snacks that are both fun and orthodontist approved after school! This is why we decided to provide a recipe for a cute after school snack that the kids can help with making! aasdf

Try making these fun and easy grape caterpillars after school one day with your child. All you need to assemble them are green or purple grapes, mini chocolate chips, cream cheese or white icing, and long wooden skewers for kabobs.

The ingredients

To assemble, take anywhere from 6-12 grapes (if you want to make baby caterpillars use 6 or 7) and skewer them horizontally on your kabob. Once all of the grapes are skewered (with the help of an adult) add two dots of vanilla icing or cream cheese and two mini chocolate chips for the center of the eyes. After this, your caterpillar family should be complete! Have fun with this recipe and add your own twist with funny faces or even mustaches on the caterpillars! Your kids are sure to love this snack as well as spending time with you making them!


The final product!

We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog. For more helpful tips and tricks to maintaining great oral hygiene during the school year please contact us at our Yonkers and White Plains orthodontist offices and we would be happy to assist you!

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