It’s your first visit to our office and you just can’t wait to know when you’re ready to get braces put on. When sitting with our Orthodontist for your consultation, you may hear the word “malocclusion” and think “English please?” but this word literally means “bad bite.” With a bad bite, there is a problem in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together. Pressure from a bad bite can cause a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which may cause clicking and popping in the jaw, a tired feeling in the face, head and neck aches, dizziness, and even nausea. Many times this skeletal disharmony is inherited, especially when it comes to abnormal jaw growth that can cause an under bite, cross bite, or deep bite. There are also many bad habits that can cause malocclusion. For instance, thumb or finger-sucking, pacifier use beyond age 3, and prolonged use of a bottle are a few things that cause an open bite in a patient. Some other causes of malocclusion include too much or too little room in the jaw, extra/growing/impacted/abnormally shaped teeth. To correct these issues, a patient may require dental extractions and growth modification which will require a patient to use fixed or functional appliances during the day and night to move the jaw into a better position. Not only will orthodontic treatment leave you looking your best, straight teeth can improve how you bite, chew, and speak. Don’t continue suffering from the pain of your malocclusion! The Orthodontists in our White Plains and Yonkers office can devise the perfect treatment plan to fix that bad bite of yours!


Retainers! Retainers! Retainers!

Finally!! Free From Braces!!

What Now?


essixSo now you are free of your braces, and you want to keep your teeth straight.  It is a must that you wear your retainers.  Here, at iSmile Orthodontics we offer clear retainers after your treatment with us and you may have a few questions like:


Q: Why do I have to wear a retainer, I wore braces for two years?

A: Naturally, your teeth will want to return back to its original formation (relapse).  Wearing the retainer will help stop the teeth from shifting after treatment.  It is also imperative to wear it as a young person finishing treatment.  This is because as you grow your teeth are also shifting and retention will help hold your teeth in place and maintain your perfect smile.  

 good retentionbad retention

before & after

Q: Do I have to wear retainers all the time?

A: It takes about a year for the bone tissues and the bone to stabilize and reform to the teeth movement.  Generally our doctors, here at iSmile Orthodontics, say that for the first three months wearing the retainer, then soon after result to wearing the retainer only at night.  

Q: Is the retainer metal?

A: The retainer that iSmile Orthodontics uses is a clear essix retainer.  retainter


Q: How do I take care of it?

A: The best way to take care of your essix is to put it in the case that is provided for you. Putting it in a napkin is a bad idea, because it is likely that it will end up in the garbage.  The only time when the essix should be in the case and not in the mouth is while eating and brushing.  Generally the only thing that you are able to drink while wearing the essix retainer is water. To clean the retainer, only cold water is used.  Hot or warm water will only ruin the formation of the plastic and therefore no longer be the true shape of the teeth.  Gentle brushing with toothpaste and a tooth brush or even hand washing with dish soap works great!

However if your retainer breaks, or is lost, call your local iSmile Orthodontics and speak with our doctors about getting a new one.  

Ask about our lingual retainers! A great contribution to you retention after treatment! 

 lingual lowerlingal

Thumb Sucking

We all have bad habits! 

Some are difficult to break, and some are just too cute!


Sucking the thumb, though it is cute when your baby has picked up on it, after the ages of 6 and 8, when adult teeth begin to show themselves, it may cause a series of dental issues that will be unpleasant to the child.  Thumb sucking, for an infant, is a reflex and can be seen as early as 15 weeks after conception.  It is an act that warmth and comfort for the baby.

Many dentists recommend breaking the habit as early as possible.  If not, some infants may carry it on into their toddler stages and possibly into adulthood.  Typically no harm is done to the oral cavity or dentition until adult teeth erupt. However, when the habit is perpetuated it will cause the palate of the mouth to rise. thumb_sucking This is caused by the constant pressure and sucking motion on the teeth.  The incisors begin to protrude forward creating a full open bite.  The then “correct” bit for the person will be one where the front teeth are not in contact, while the teeth in the back are not.

The bite will remain open until orthodontics procedures take place.  Here at iSmile Orthodontics, our doctors specialize in fixing open bites and “buckteeth” (malocclusion) by using braces to correct the bite.  Unfortunately, the teeth will not be perfect UNLESS the thumb sucking habit is corrected. real habit breaker Even swallowing incorrectly by pushing the tongue forcefully against the teeth when swallowing can cause the teeth to protrude.  Our doctors have special techniques, habit breakers and/or tongue spurs that are used to help stop the thumb from entering into the mouth and the tongue from pushing forward.

Call and ask about orthodontic treatment.


We offer treatment for children and adults from braces, clear and metal, to Invisalign! 

Wise Teeth…

lets talk wisdom

Our Wisdom teeth can be a real issue!

ouch wisdom

Why do we even have them?

Do we have to get them removed?

Recent studies have shown that the third molar or, what is commonly known as, the wisdom tooth, served a purpose centuries ago when humans survived on many kinds of nuts, larger foods and bones. Sapiens_neanderthal_comparison_YIGHTER crop During time of Neanderthals, the wisdom tooth was a necessity.  Their jaws were much larger than the modern human jaw.  This space allowed for the four extra teeth.  Over time, human’s skulls have all around become smaller due to evolution.  NOT making us les intelligent, but further more making those teeth no longer necessary or survival.

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth cause a bit of a painful problem for us now because if they stay in the bone oral issues may arise. ouch wisdom For example, food may be trapped in the gum tissues surrounding the tooth which causes bacterial growth.  This growth of bacteria can lead to different types of infection.  The tooth itself decays and cysts begin to form. The cysts that form may cause serious destruction to the bones and increases the chances of ruining the adjacent teeth.  Though a rare case, tumors can develop in the cyst causing the jaw to break if the cyst were to rupture.

wisom xray

Not every needs to have their wise tooth removed, but around 80-85% need to have them removed.  Sometimes wisdom teeth can cause sensitivity to temperature and sweet foods and even change the way a person bites.  This is called malocclusion. Your wisdom teeth can cause crowding in the front of your mouth where the rest of your adult teeth are, inevitable changing your bite. oh wisdom This is the reason why many patients with a lot of crowding are recommended to remove teeth to create space.  The space allows your orthodontist to give you an improved bite with no crowding.

Straighter teeth are cleaner teeth.  If you noticed that you have a strange bit like this one malocclusions_large.jpgacontact us here at iSmile Orthodontics.  We have many locations White Plains, New York, Yonkers, New York and Bridgport, Connecticut.  We would love to give you a great smile!