Your Saliva

–    Aids in digestion in lubricating the mouth making it easy to chew and swallow


–   Secrets a hormone that further the development of taste buds

–   Contains antibacterial agents  

–   Severs as a liquid medium that carries food chemicals to the taste buds

–   Contains enzymes that break down food that gets stuck between teeth

–   Protects the teeth from bacterial decay


Studies have shown that saliva delivers fluoride to the tooth surfaces, protecting the mouth from dental caries.  It washes the tooth surfaces and stops it from drying out, clearing bacteria and stops demineralization.  However, your saliva can be greatly compromised with the invasion of bacteria.  Therefore, to keep your mouthcaries and saliva healthy it is important to maintain a strict schedule of brushing and flossing.  It is even more imperative to better ones brushing techniques while in treatment here at iSmile Orthodontics.  


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Too Old for Braces?

too old

              No one is too old for braces! As long as your bone is present and healthy in the gum, orthodontic treatment is possible.  As the teeth move to new positions, a stable occlusion (bite) is created.  Therefore, if a crown is needed, it can be placed, and the longevity of your teeth will be much improved!

              After receiving braces, at any age, brushing becomes much easier, flossing is also easier. As we discussed in a previous post, flossing can lower the risk of a heart attack.  Some of our patients that once thought they were too old for orthodontic treatment, their teeth move just as fast as a child’s teeth.

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