Want Whiter Teeth?


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First let’s discuss what causes teeth the have its unpleasant stain.  Some of us may have habits that cause the staining. Some habits may be good or bad and others, may have stained teeth caused by necessary medications.  But a list of things that may cause the yellowing of the teeth are as follows:

FOODS: coffee, tea, colas, wines, certain fruits and vegetables

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TOBACCO: smoking or chewing tobacco

BRUSHING: poor brushing, lack of flossing causes discoloration

GENETICS: some people are born with brighter and/or thicker enamel than others. 

AGE: getting older is great, but as time passes the enamel is worn away, revealing the yellow color of dentin.


iSmile Orthodontics has a solution for you! TODAY! 

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**Tip: Using Vaseline on your teeth can protect the teeth from staining.This sound a bit unorthodox, but rubbing a thin layer onto the teeth will protect them from foods and staining liquids. 


Stop by your local iSmile orthodontics office in White Plains or Yonkers, New York and purchase your very own whitening kit.  2014 has just begun! Continue the year with straighter and whiter smiles.