Need the Perfect Gift for the Holidays?




Embrace the season of giving and give the gift of Invisalign.  It is the clear alternative to braces.  In the post below, you will find a video explaining the mechanics of Invisalign.  Go wireless. Be wireless, with Invisalign for teens and adults.

The process is different from braces.  After making your appointment with iSmile Orthodontics, the doctor will take a special impression of your teeth.  Once a perfect on is taken, THAT’S IT! Now we wait.  The models of your teeth are sent to a lab to make a tray that fits your teeth to perfection. You will be giving a specific amount of trays and receive newer ones biweekly.


Question: How are the teeth moving if they are in what looks like a retainer?

Answer: The teeth have what we call attachments or buttons on them.  Therefore when placed on the teeth, the tray (very flexible) allows space for the mobility of each the tooth.

Call your local orthodontist at iSmile Orthodontics in White Plains and/or Yonkers to find out more.  Book your complementary consultation and ask as many questions as desired.



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