Halloween is over, what now?

“OH NO!! HALLOWEEN IS OVER!!  And now I think I have a few BROKEN brackets!! What now?!”


Worry no more!  Your orthodontist at iSmile Orthodontics in White Plains can fix it.  But first let’s explains what a broken bracket (the metal or clear square glued to your teeth) really is.  If the wire is poking you, a color is gone from around the bracket, or the chain is broken, it is NOT a broken bracket.  If the bracket is moving around on the wire, sliding forward and back, then it is broken!



Candy can been your best friend and worst enemy simultaneously!  As we discussed in our last post it is important to continue to brush carefully!



We book special kinds of appointments for broken brackets and that you must call as soon as you notice it’s broken.  Here are the steps:

  1. See a broken bracket.
  2. Tell mom or dad.
  3. You, mom or dad calls iSmile Orthodontics and books a REPAIR appointment.

There!  Easy as 1, 2, 3

These appointments are done at your orthodontics office in Yonkers or in White Plains.  These appointments are not done after 3:30pm.

So let’s all work together as a team and plan accordingly! 

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