SPEED Braces…Better? Faster? Stronger?

Many have heard of a system used in Orthodontics called “self-ligating braces” and have been told it is the latest technology, promised a much more rapid treatment time, and better oral hygiene. While it may mean less visits to the Orthodontist, finishing treatment with this system may take longer than expected. This is due to the lack of control with this type of bracket, especially when it comes to rotations. This system of self-ligating brackets is also known as SPEED System, The Damon System, and In-Ovation, works by applying light and constant pressure to the teeth allowing the wire to slide into a “door” on the bracket, holding it in place. Seems innovative, but despite popular belief, self-ligating brackets were first created in the 1930’s, re-surfaced in the 1970’s, and have recently become more popular with, what appears to be, a promise of convenience. What many people do not take into consideration once they hear about “the latest technology”, is that innovation comes with a high price tag. Also, keep in mind that many insurance companies do not cover the cost of braces with self-ligating brackets. These brackets are also more fragile than normal to the fidgety patient as well- “doors” on the bracket may break or pop open open if you are touching your brackets; whereas, with traditional braces, a broken bracket is only evident in patients who do not comply with food restrictions, or those with bad oral habits. At iSmile Orthodontics, we believe in using the best products and technology for our patients, and that means standing by what has and will always work more effectively for our patients. We are able to promise the best result possible from a tailored treatment plan made to suit each and every one of our unique patients. Call today for a free consultation to see what our White Plains or Yonkers Orthodontists may do for you! 🙂

Early Orthodontics

Although most orthodontic treatment begins between the ages of 9 and 14, the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that a child has his/her first visit with an Orthodontist no later than the age of 7. By that time, their first molars have already erupted, and teeth are developed enough to notice abnormal eruption or jaw growth.  Our White Plains Orthodontists and Yonkers Orthodontists will be able to educate parents on issues of malocclusion (bad bite), unhealthy oral habits, removal of supernumerary (extra) teeth, and will advise when the time is right to begin treatment. For younger children, our Orthodontists may recommend beginning preventive or interceptive treatment, which may include use of a habit breaker, palate expander, or an arch holder. Not only does this early treatment guide tooth and jaw growth, but aids in building self-esteem, and allows for a healthy smile from a young age.

If you notice any of the following in your child, it would be best to schedule your complimentary consultation today:

  • Thumb-sucking
  • Difficulty with biting/chewing
  • Mouth breathing
  • Unbalanced jaw growth
  • Grinding of teeth or clenching of jaw