Invisalign: Highly Effective for Complex Dental Abnormalities

As an advanced orthodontic treatment option, Invisalign is highly effective for correcting even complex dental abnormalities such as crossbites, overbites, underbites, openbites, protruded teeth, overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth, and extensively spaced teeth.

Invisalign braces are custom-designed using advanced computer 3D imaging technology according to the structure of your teeth. During the treatment, the patient has to wear a set of aligners for two weeks and then replace it with a fresh set to ensure optimum results quickly. These aligners move your teeth to new straight positions by applying a gentle pressure.

Orthodontic Treatment Ensures Outstanding Dental and Physical Health

Dental malocclusions such as protruded teeth, crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, extensively spaced teeth, overbites, crossbites, openbites, underbites and several other irregularities can be rectified with suitable orthodontic treatment. Properly aligned teeth are an essential requirement when it comes to avoiding chewing disorders, digestion problems, gum diseases, abnormal wear of tooth surface, tooth loss and speech impairments.